digesting problems with cattle

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digesting problems with cattle Empty digesting problems with cattle

Post by pak bonsai on Thu Jul 02, 2009 2:23 pm

usualy cattles and cows have digesting problems and then they stop eating and taking food.which is not good for them and farmers.
what i do,i usually feed them with desi technique.
you can try it as all farmers in Punjab and villagers practice this desi digesting medicine.
Gurr .5 KG
salt 100 g
black salt 100 g
Ajwain 200 g
ginger 200 g
onion 1piece
just crush the Gurr,onion and ginger and mix all other ingredients in it and make three balls of it.
now feed the cattle with it.
repeat it after two days again and you will find your animal in good health.
villagers usually feed the animals once a month to keep it healthy.
please note, if the animal is in worse condition please consult the doctor.

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digesting problems with cattle Empty Re: digesting problems with cattle

Post by Admin on Thu Sep 17, 2009 12:25 am

Nice recepie!
Adding Guar is new to me.Usually people give :-
3)Black Salt
5)Green Chillies
Crush all of the above and make a kind of 'Achar'.Its palatable and could take care of many digestive problems.

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