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According to IFCN ( International Farm Comparison Network) dairy report 2004,more then 100 million dairy farms exist which means more then 500 million people are involved in milk production or simplified every 10th person on earth lives on a dairy farm.
Farmers milk prices range from 0.13 – 0.58 US $/kg.The highest milk prices have been recorded in Switzerland,Norway and Canada.Farmers in Pakistan,Argentina and Ukraine received the lowest prices.The “world market price for milk” was at 0.21 US $/kg.Prices in USA and EU are significantly aboce the world market price.The differences found are mainly result of different trade policies like tariffs etc.

Competitiveness of milk procuction in the world
The most competitive regions for milk production are South Asia,Oceania,South America and parts of Eastern Europe.The following farm types are most competitive dairy farms in the world:
Argentina (1400 Cows),Pakistan (3-10 Cows),Poland (50 Cows),Australia (600 Cows) and Chile (43 Cows).
A study was done to observe the milk production system in key dairy regions of five Asian countries : India, Pakistan , Bangladesh , Thailand and Vietnam.
The study reveals that India and Pakistan together represent 98 % of the production of these five countries (with only 83 % of trhe population).From another perspective these five countries together represent 20 % of the world milk production and 23 % of the world population.
The most common systems in these countries are based on small scale system with 1-4 dairy animals.Landless system is very common in India and Pakistan while in Vietnam most farmers rent land from the government ( the only land owner in Vietnam).
In Thailand there has been decline in Dairy Farming.This is due to socio-economic changes in the country during last two decades ( 1977-90 ).During this period Thailand was fast moving towards industrialization.Agriculture land was diverted to industries.People in large numbers moved from agriculture to industry.

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