Warana Co-operative milk union India

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Warana Co-operative milk union India

Post by khandairies on Thu Sep 17, 2009 10:29 pm

Warana Co-operative milk union is the India's largest dairy products, milk products selling Organisation.Is is an ISO 9001-2000 & HACCP certified organisation manufacturer & exporter of milk, milk products & fruit poducts.The plant situated 30 KMS from Kolhapur of Maharashtra state in India.
With the sole intention of supplementing the income of zealous farmers a great idea of dairy farming was put forth in the minds of enthusiastic team. This resulted in the birth of the Warana Dairy, in 1968. This white revolution has spread to all other 78 surrounding villages and added revenue of Rs. 150 crores per annum.

The dairy plant has a capacity to handle more than 300,000 litres of milk of which 100,000 litres can be converted into milk products. A clean and efficient management of dairy brought the proud products of Warana like Warana pasteurised Milk, Milk Powder, Ghee, Butter,Shrikhand, Amrakhand, Lassi, Cheese, and Strawberry Desert etc. These products once tasted chase the taster. The dairy has made its strides all the way.

The turnover for the year 1997-98 was Rs. 138 crores. By selling 2035 tonnes of Shrikhand in the year 1998, Warana reached a new record of maximum selling of Shrikhand in India. For its qualitative and quantitative excellent performance dairy has acquired an ISO 9002 Certification in record time of three months.

Warana Cattle-feed division is producing the quality cattle feed, which is supplied to the farmers for their cows and buffaloes, at subsidised prices.

Dairy and other products:-
Warana Co-operative milk union offers best qyality milk products, India's leading dairy having capacity 5 lakhs/day.

Lassi : "Warana lassi" The all season drinks its most popular drink from warana.
Shrikhand :Available in four flavors Badam Pista, keshar mango & Elachi.
Ghee : Ghee is a quality products from warana available in different packing sizes.
Cheese :Mozzarella cheese, processed cheese, pistta.
Butter : Solted butter, white butter & yellow butter are the best products.

Fruit :- Exporter of fruit pulp/puree like mango, guava, banana etc.

Mango :- Alphonso mango pulp, Totapuri mango in 215kg drum pack & 3.1 k, 850gm tin pack.

Pulp :- Mango pulp, banana pulp, guava pulp.

Baby Food :- Export baby food (Infant formula)

Banana :- Banana puree/pulp.

Guava :- Export white guava pulp/puree.

Jam :- Warana mixed and most delicious fruit jam.

Puree :- Offer Alphonso mango puree, Totapuri mango puree, Banana puree, White guava puree in natural flavour.

Cream :- Skimmed milk powder, full cream milk powder, 0%,26% fat quality products from Warana.

Malted :- Malted milk food.

Curd :- Natural flavoured.

Paneer :- Malai paneer is the favorite paneer products.

Dudh :- Skimmed milk powder, full cream / whole milk powder from warana.

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Re: Warana Co-operative milk union India

Post by khandairies on Mon Sep 21, 2009 9:49 pm

A Pakistani team of Farmers,Feed Manufacturers and Doctors visited Warna C0-operative Union,Kohlapur from January 27-Feb 06 2007.The tour was organized by American Soyabean Association.
The team witnessed the advances made by India in the field of dairy.
Here are some of the pics.

Pakistani delegation with the management of Warna co-operative.

At the Warna Complex.

Milk Collection center in a village.

No one is allowed to wear shoes at center,cleanliness is checked.

Cows milk is collected in the cans marked with Red paint while Buffaloes milk goes in the black marked cans.

Price is calculated according to fat.Every farmer has his record which is stored in the computer.

All the data is linked to a central place.

Milk Fat Testing machine which shows results in seconds.

Cans at the Warna milk plant.

Cans going in the factory.

The Milk processing plant.

Chart showing some of the procucts.

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