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Post by khandairies on Thu Sep 17, 2009 10:58 pm

Jersey cattle are a small breed of dairy cattle. Originally bred on the British Channel Island of Jersey, the breed is popular for the high butterfat content of its milk and the lower maintenance costs incurred by its lower bodyweight, as well as its genial disposition.

The Jersey cow is quite small, ranging from only 360 to 540 kg (800 to 1200 pounds). The main factor contributing to the popularity of the breed has been their greater economy of production, due to:
*The ability to carry a larger number of effective milking cows per unit area due to lower body weight, hence lower maintenance requirements.
*High butterfat conditions, 6% butterfat and 4% protein and to thrive on locally produced food.

Bulls are also small, ranging from 540 to 820 kg (1200 to 1800 pounds), and are notoriously aggressive.

Jersey cows in India
Under British rule Jerseys were transported to India and cross bred with native breeds to improve the quality of milk produced by domestic breeds - the practice of importing pure bred Jerseys for cross-breeding continues to this day.In the north of India, particularly in the Himalaya, semi-wild cows that strongly resemble their Channel Island sires can be found grazing in the mountain pastures.

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