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The Holstein (may also be know as 'Holstein Friesian' or Friesian)is a breed of dairy cow known today as the world's highest production dairy animal. Originating in Europe, Holsteins were developed in what is now the Netherlands and more specifically in the two northern provinces of North Holland and Friesland.

Physical characteristics
Holsteins, have very distinctive markings and outstanding milk production, are large animals with color patterns of black and white. In the strictest definition, a Holstein cow usually has black ears, white feet, and white end of the tail.

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Size: A healthy calf weighs 30 to 35 kg (about 65-80 lbs.) or more at birth. A mature Holstein cow weighs 1,750 lbs, and stands 130 cm (about 4.25 feet) tall at the shoulder. Holstein heifers can be bred at 15 months of age, when they weigh over 360 kg. Generally, breeders aim for Holstein heifers to calve for the first time between 23 and 26 months of age. Gestation period is about nine months.

Recorded cows in the USA produced 22,347 pounds (10,158 kg) of milk at 3.64% fat and 3.05% protein in the 2005 DHIA (National Dairy Herd Information Association).

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