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Pakistan Dairy Development Company (PDDC or, as it is commonly known, “Dairy Pakistan”) has been established to drive the development of the Pakistan dairy sector.Dairy Pakistan is a company established under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984 and was incorporated as Pakistan Dairy Development Company on the 9th September 2005.
The Planning of PDDC is divided into the following phases.
Horizon One
Programmes presently underway are our Model Farm and Cooling Tank Programmes.

Horizon Two
Programmes to be undertaken under Horizon Two are as follows:
Subsequent to approval of ECNEC, initial funding for our Horizan Two range of programmes has been received.

Bulk Vending of Pasteurised Milk:
Under this concept, which is practiced in India, most notably by Mother Dairy in Delhi, pasteurised milk is transported in bulk rather than packaged form, to outlets equipped with liquid storage and vending facilities. Liquid milk is dispensed into containers brought to the shop by the consumer. In this manner, high quality milk is made available at reasonable price.

This programme is open to existing processors, operating from manufacturing facilities already in place. In addition, it is likely that some installations will be made as part of Milk Pocket Development Programme. Investors or processors considering participating in the Bulk Vending Programme should contact:

Community Farms:
Community farms are intended to group poorer farmers in manner which allows them to receive technical and financial assistance to introduce improved farm management practices. Grouping of these poorer farmers will allow technical and financial assistance to be provided in an economic manner, an important consideration given that the vast majority of dairy farmers in Pakistan have only two or three animals.The following link contains more background to this programme.

Vocational Training:
Dairy Pakistan is investigating with possible partners how vocational training can best be provided. There is a desperate need for vocational training for both farmers and industry process workers, and our plans are to address both these needs.

The first step towards a comprehensive training programme is to upgrade farms so that modern farm managment practices can be demonstrated. The first such upgrade is underway.

Milk Pocket Development:
There are areas in Pakistan where milk production occurs in reasonable volume, or production could be enhanced with appropriate support, but where milk processing companies are not active. This programme will identify such areas and provide a link to regional markets for the farmers through appropriate processing facilities. In this manner, opportunity for economic growth for the district and the farmers in the region will be improved, while meeting the needs of consumers for better quality milk. Integration with Dairy Pakistan efforts in the farm production field will occur. Private sector participation will be sought. The following link contains more background to this programme.

Creation of Rural Entrepreneurs:
In low cost dairying countries, major items of farm equipment tend to be owned and operated by a “rural contractor” rather than each farmer owning expensive equipment which may be used only seasonally. Given Dairy Pakistan’s determination to introduce low cost practices into the dairy sector of Pakistan, it is intended to support the introduction of rural contractors to Pakistan. Private equity will be sought from prospective rural contractors.The following link contains more background to this programme.

Livestock Housing:
Dairy Pakistan will contract international experts familiar with dairying in tropical and other hot climates, to design sheds for animal housing. With summer temperatures well in excess of 40°C, the main requirement in Pakistan is temperature mitigation.

Link to Finance:
Dairy Pakistan intends to work with processors and financial institutions in order to utilise ther cashflow generation properties of milk production, with a view to introducing formal credit to the sector, and to lower levels within the sector, than occurs to day. The following link contains more background to this programme.

Horizon Three
Initiatives intended to be commenced in a few years time include:
Farm Management and Dairying Research Institute.
Such an Institute is intended to focus very much on enhancing farming practices in the Pakistani environment.

Dairy Pakistan intends to introduce economical production of biogas. Electricity is not always available through rural Pakistan, so this initiative will provide alternative and
renewable energy for rural communities, while reducing environmental impacts and improving fertilizer values.

Mobile Milk Collection Units:
It is intended to broaden links between the market and farmers by enhancing milk collection through assisting investment in small milk collection units, of the scale of motorcycles and auto-rickshaws. Access to many farms in rural Pakistan is difficult, so such a scheme will enable more milk to be collected and taken to cooling stations.

Farm Input Stores:
It is proposed to establish farm input stores across rural Pakistan. These stores will provide to farmers good quality animal feeds and other farm necessities at fair prices. Farm
input stores will be focal points for the dissemination of information relating to farm management and market developments.

Review of Support Services Technical Training:
It is intended to review the effectiveness of the training course provided to people involved in supporting the dairy sector. In the medium term it is important that the lessons from
the Model Farm Programme are built into the education of people who will work in the dairy sector.

Protection of Indigenous Breeds:
It is vital that breeds indigenous to Pakistan are protected.

Further details could be checked at :-

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