Livestock Population in Pakistan

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Livestock Population in Pakistan

Post by khandairies on Fri Sep 18, 2009 2:18 pm

These are the figures of the Livestock population in Pakistan and NWFP.Livestock of Pakistan consists of 7 species. ie;Buffaloes,cattle,sheep,goats,camels,equine(horses,donkeys and mules) and poultry.

Total Livestock population of Pakistan is 26.3 million buffaloes,24.2 million cattle,56.7 million goats,24.9 million sheep,800 thousand camels,300 thousand horses and 4.5 million mules and donkeys.
Province Wise Livestock Number per 1000 persons

Punjab    663
Sindh       900
NWFP    938
Baluchistan  3585
Overall Pakistan            881

Provincial Distribution of Livestock Population %

Species Punjab Sindh NWFP Baluchistan
Buffalo 64 28 7 1
Cattle 46 27 21 6
Goats 37 24 16 23
Sheep 26 16 12 46

(Source LIVESTOCK OF PAKISTAN by H.U Hasnain and R.H Usmani)

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