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Post by khandairies on Fri Sep 18, 2009 1:59 pm

What a Dairy Farmer Needs

The present government is working hard to bring “white revolution” in the country by many steps to promote the Dairy Farming in Pakistan.Numerous Boards and Companies have been formed such as Livestock Board,Agri Support Fund,Pakistan Dairy Company etc besides provincial directorates of the Dairy and Livestock. But looking at their pathetic working one is not sure if white revolution will ever become reality.
One of the major dairy countries in world, we are spending more than $50 million annually on the import of formula milk only, which is the highest amount spent by any country of the world on this particular commodity.
By forming so many departments, there has been duplication of projects.By formation of new dairy development departments,what is the use left for old government livestock departments. Pakistan dairy is providing chillers and same is being provided by the Livestock Board. The office bearers of Agri Support are still not sure how to finance the project. With more then 6 months they have done nothing besides arranging seminars and meetings.
Recently Livestock board has been formed to promote calf fattening projects.There are many loops in this project.Do any body know about a single beef breed of Pakistan? What they have achieved is the latest zero meter jeeps and lap tops worth of 80,000 Rs for every employee!
The Dairy farming is one of the world’s toughest jobs which is operated 24 hours a day without a break or leave.
As a dairy farmer from the last 7 years and selling my farm recently I am not sure what they will acheive.Has any body asked the dairy farmer what he wants?let me tell you what a dairy farmer needs today.
The dairy farming has become a huge investment business.A farm of 50 animals will cost Rs: 2750000.The land and building cost further Rs: 20, 00000.So investment of around 5 million Rs.With this huge investment funding is needed. First of all Banks hesitate to fund the dairy farm. If they are willing, most of the dairy farms are in the rural areas where land cost is very low and Banks does not mortgage it.
Secondly, our main business is with animals. The banks do not give loans against the animals. Strangely they insist the animals must be insured so the farmer is forced to insure the animals and pay extra price.
In India the agriculture and dairy has the minimum financial rate that is below 5 %.While here the farmer has to pay more then 15 % same as the other developed sectors. If government is sincere to develop this sector, the interest rate must be below 5 %.The grants and donations must be utilized here. Pakistan dairy company bears the burden of Bank interest rate, the same model be applied for the purchase of animals. If there are no animals, then what is the use of latest equipment?
These should follow what the farmers actually need.They dont have to spoon feed the poor farmers.Now 3-4 years have been passed and we are yet to see the 'White Revolution".perhaps its all on 'White papers" !

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