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Post by khandairies on Wed Sep 16, 2009 11:29 pm


All over the world, mastitis or swelling of the udder is considered to be the most important production limiting factor of the dairy industry. Mastitis results from the growth of the germs in udder. It occurs in 2 forms:-
The clinical form in which there is visible swelling in the udder and noticeable changes in milk such as flakes, clots, etc.
The second form of the mastitis is sub clinical. This is also called hidden mastitis because in this type, swelling in the udder is so mild that there are no visible changes in the milk or udder.
The hidden form of mastitis is 15-40 times more common than the clinical form.Most clinical cases are preceded by hidden form of mastitis. An early diagnosis of mastitis is imperative to save the udder and transmission of disease to other animals in the herd.
Mastitis causes a tremendous increase in the number of white blood cells in the milk. Researchers at Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery, University of Agriculture , Faisalabad , Pakistan have demonstrated that a 3% solution of a household detergent viz. Surf (Lever Brothers, Pakistan ) can be used for an early farmers’ level detection of hidden mastitis. This test has been named as Surf Field Mastitis Test. A testing kit utilizing locally available material has been fabricated.
The desirable features of this innovation include:-
1. Compatibility with the technical capabilities of farmers who happen to be mostly illiterate in the developing countries.
2. Desirable sensitivity of detection vis-à-vis other tests. California mastitis test for one.
3. Availability of the required reagent i.e., Surf in almost every village.
4. User’s friendly nature of the test.

Steps in Surf Field Mastitis Test:
1. Prepare a 3% solution of the household detergent Surf. To this end, dissolve 5 – 6 teaspoonfuls of the surf powder in ½ litre of ordinary water.
2. Mix the milk from individual teat and the Surf solution in approximately equal proportions.
3. Rotate the mixture for about 1 minute.
4. Examine the mixture for thickening or any other change.
The quantity of thickness and flakes in the mixture determines the level of Mastitis in your animals.

Uses of the Test in Mastitis Treatment, Control and Public Health:
1. All farmers should conduct this test on all quarters of all milch animals at fortnightly intervals. In the event of a positive test reaction in one or more tests, immediately contact with the local veterinarian for treatment.
2. Whenever there is reduction in the quarter yield, Surf field mastitis test should be conducted to rule out the possibility of mastitis as the cause of reduced milk yield.
3. Lactating animals should be divided into Surf test positive and Surf test negative groups. The Surf test negative group should be milked first because the germs which cause mastitis are transmitted from mastitis-affected to healthy animals through milker’s hands.
4. Always conduct Surf field mastitis test when buying new animals.
5. Milk from animals with Surf test positive is unfit for human consumption because it contains lot of germs, their toxins and pus cells.
6. The processing of milk by the milk plants which gives a positive Surf test reaction results in sub-optimal and substandard finished milk products such as yogurt, cheese, etc. Therefore, the milk processing industry should train their staff and farmers about the procedure and uses of the Surf test.

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